Local Ambulance

Highfields Local Ambulance Committee The Highfields Local Ambulance Committee was formed in 2006 after the establishment of the Highfields Ambulance Station. The role of the Local Ambulance Committee is to:

  • Liaise between the community it represents and the Queensland Ambulance Service;
  • Promote community participation in and awareness of ambulance services;
  • Provide advice to the Commissioner in respect of ambulance services in the community it represents;
  • Manage money held in trust for the benefit of ambulance services in the community it represents; and
  • Such other functions, as the Minister agrees to.

The Highfields LAC currently meets bi-monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the month. The meetings are held at the Highfields Ambulance Station and commence at 7.00pm. Members of the community can be involved with and provide support to the Local Ambulance Committee in a number of ways, examples of which include:

  • membership of the committee or a sub-committee
  • volunteer work or sponsorship.

If you are interested in becoming involved with your Local Ambulance Committee, please contact: Steve Stewart on 0418 749859, Email Steve_ Highfields_LAC@bigpond.com or visit Queensland Ambulance Services – Local Ambulance Committees

Office Bearers 2009-2011
President: Nina Beardmore
Vice President/Treasurer: Buddy Johnson
Secretary: Steve Stewart

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