Highfields RSL Sub Branch

The Highfields RSL was formed at meeting of returned and currently serving
servicemen and women at the Highfields Tavern on 2 September 2004. At this
meeting it was decided that a Sub Branch should and could be formed so
the processes were commenced to seek approval from RSL Queensland to
form a sub branch.
Approval to form the Sub Branch was granted by RSL Queensland in a Charter
of Membership which was signed and endorsed by the then State President
of the League, Mr Bill Mason, on Remembrance Day the 11 November 2004.
What is the RSL?
• The RSL is a totally independent, apolitical, not for profit organisation run
by its members, for its members.
• We can help with obtaining disability pensions, compensation payments,
health and community services, welfare services, and income support
payments and treatment.
• The RSL in Queensland (separate to RSL Clubs) assists all current and
former members of the ADF, veterans, and their dependants, specifically:
• Any person who serviced in the Australian Defence Force in any theatre of
• Any person who serviced for not less than 6 months in the Regular or
Reserve Forces of the Australian Defence Force, or of any country not an
enemy of Australia;
• Any Australian or Allied citizen who served with, or in support of, the
Australian Defence Force or Allied Forces in a theatre of conflict.
Entitlement Lodgement and Advice
The RSL can act as:
• An initial contact point for welfare matters, assess the requirement and
assist in contacting the relevant providers to solve the problem;
• Assist and advise in the preparation of initial claims and applications for
benefits under the VEA, MRCA and SRCA;
• Advice on applications for review of decisions made under the VEA, MRCA
and SRCA;
• Prepare and present cases for review to the Repatriation Commission
under internal review of the VEA;
• Prepare and present cases for reconsideration under the MRCA;
• Prepare and present cases for review involving your entitlements to the
Veterans’ Review Board; and
• Prepare and present cases for review to the Administrative Appeals
RSL Membership, Members Benefits – What can the RSL do for you?
As a member of the RSL, you will benefit from:
1. FREE welfare and advocacy advice to you during any stage of your
2. A team focus – keeping the camaraderie and mateship aspect of the ADF
3. A strong voice to Government to voice your concerns;
4. Lobbying power to gain you extra military compensation and benefits pre
or post discharge from the ADF or Reserves;
5. Member discounts at participating organisations;
6. A ‘grass-root’ sub branch level focus within your local community – a place
where you and your family will feel welcome; and
7. Assistance and support for you and your family in Australia whilst you are
deployed overseas.
Highfields RSL Sub Branch Achievements to Date
In recent years, the Sub Branch has become very involved in the local
community. Our achievements include:
• The establishment of the community memorial at the Cultural Centre,
which was gifted to the community in the memory of our Fallen and
Departed Comrades;
• An on-going school visits program to the five local schools in Highfields
and Geham, to help spread the word of the ANZAC Tradition and History;
• Organisation and Management of the annual ANZAC Day and
Remembrance Day community services;
• Donation of an ANZAC Day remembrance badge to every school child
attending the local schools to foster pride and respect in and for the ANZAC
• The running of the annual RSL Christmas Draw, with prizes donated by local
businesses, with a large percentage returned to the local community

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