Family Life Ministries

Family Life Ministries’ is a vibrant church in the Highfields community.

Our aim is to contribute to the social and spiritual well-being of families, promoting a hope, purpose and future to all. (Jeremiah 29:11 -13)

‘Family Life Ministries’ is part of the Apostolic Church Australia, (Pentecostal). It commenced in Australia in the early 1930’s having started as a ministry that flowed out of the Welsh Revival in 1904-5. We have churches and missions located in many countries throughout the world.

As a local church at Highfields we have ministry activities for:

  • Children – ‘Sonshine Kids’;
  • Junior youth – ‘Y4J’;
  • Senior youth – ‘youthARISE’;
  • Adults; and
  • Seniors

We believe that the present day church should resemble the new Testament Church as found in the book of Acts, and that the presentation of the ‘Gospel’ of Jesus Christ, be relevant, and demonstrate that the power of God that can and will, change those – who are willing to accept it.

In a world filled with uncertainty, wars, nations fighting nations, famines, earthquakes and new diseases; there is hope in God. As a church we present this hope every Sunday and invite you to share with us, in encouraging others to find the truth that will bring peace and joy into every situation of life.


Who Cares?

Today, literally millions of people are calling out for ‘peace’.

As more and more catastrophes strike the nations; as hopes, dreams and aspirations are dashed upon the craggy rocks of life, people everywhere are asking the question; “WHY”?

The heart cries and comments we so often hear, are such as; “I cried and cried – can’t cry anymore.”
“Can’t cope with all these problems – what’s the point of living?”
“It’s no use, I may as well be dead.” Who cares anyway?”
“Life stinks!”
“All the mail I get nowadays is ‘bills’ no more ‘letters’
“Tired of ‘struggling’ to make ends meet!”
“No one ever visits me!”
“Why does God allow all these things to happen? It’s all ‘His fault’

If ever we’ve needed to assess ourselves, our families, friends, churches, governments and our nations, it is now!

We need to know who we are in God – and where we stand! ‘Who or What’ is our main priority in life?

‘Who or What’ are we focusing on in life?

We are seeing increasing family unit breakdowns, all kinds of various lifestyles. We are bombarded on every side by all sorts of confusing ‘ideologies,’ violence, sexual connotations, and ‘products’ we don’t really need.

Individual as well as mass suicides and murders are on the increase. Sadly, they are now becoming common place in our societies to the ‘numbing’ of the conscience.

The only answer for today, is the Bible – The Word of God! ‘To search the Scriptures’

John 5:39″…for in them, you will find and experience an abundance of hope and peace, fulfilment and purpose” – as well as ‘Eternal Life’ through Jesus Christ, as He has promised in His Word!

For further information regarding Family Life Ministries please contact:
Phone: 07 4696 8613

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