Brace against Breast Cancer

This September 15th – 19th, BreastScreen Queensland Mobile Service is coming in to Highfields Shopping Centre.

It is a sad fact that breast cancer is the single most common cancer to occur in women, and the second highest cause of death in women after lung cancer. One in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer by the age of 85.

There is good news, though. Though the diagnosis rate is high, 89% of women survive the first five years after diagnosis, and most go on to live long and happy lives. In the interests of early detection, it is recommended to screen once every two years.

BreastScreen Queensland uses the latest digital mammography technology. The screen is then read independently by two specially trained doctors to ensure no details are missed.

To book your free 30 minute appointment with a female health professional, call 13 20 50.

For more information visit Breast Screen Queensland


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